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ConservagameR said:
RolStoppable said:

The same COVID-19 measures you speak of have been issued by the conservative governments in Europe (for example, in Austria and Germany), so there's nothing inherently left about these measures. The resistance against COVID-19 measures has been strongly supported by the far-right political parties in Europe, so that's the spot where the USA's republican party is on the political spectrum by now.

Over the years the republican party has moved more and more to the right which is why its policies and stances on issues have become more closely aligned with the interests of the far-right parties in Europe and distanced themselves from the conservative parties in Europe. Unsurprisingly, what used to be a gentle gradual shift of the republican party has been turned into a rapid hard change of course with Trump where a lot of people rallied behind him and continue to support him because he showed that one can win elections without having to wear a mask of a conservative stance anymore.

As Torillian said, the events of January 6th 2021 and how they've been responded to sum up pretty well what the modern republican party is.

Lastly, from a European perspective, Biden isn't a left politician. He's considered a conservative, which isn't surprising, because his policies and stances most closely match up with the behavior of conservative political parties in Europe. But from the American republican perspective, everything a democrat does must be left, therefore anything a republican must support has to be different from what a democrat is for. This is how the republican party got pushed more and more to the right over the past three decades or so, and that's how it ended up in its current position. The saving grace of the republican party is what is effectively a two-party-system in the USA, because otherwise the majority of people would be able to easily tell where republicans really stand instead of the current binary format where the republicans are still largely recognized as plain right.

In the same sense, in America, as per the liberals, everything that doesn't fit what the Dems are doing or saying, is not even conservative, but automatically racist or Nazi. A growing portion of both sides is getting more radical.

Bill Maher, who's been extremely against Trump and the conservatives over the past 4 or so years, has been saying recently the center hasn't changed much, but the left has gone crazy for some time and is way out to left field. He also thinks the right has shifted more right, mostly due to Trump since 2016.

My point is pretty simple. If someone like Maher is saying the left has gone way too far left, Dulfites point about past Democrats (like President Clinton) reacting less harshly to a covid type scenario would seem reasonably likely. How exactly they would've reacted obviously can't be known for certain.

Dulfite, I see the point you're trying to make beyond covid, but Elon hasn't taken over Twitter just yet. No need to end up blue in the face. A virtue, patience is.

The difficulty here is that I honestly don't think that recommending masks during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic is some sign that things have gone crazy left politically. What you seem to be telling me is that President Clinton would have been an idiot rather than that he'd be more center.