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Torillian said:
Dulfite said:

5-10 years ago, and certainly in the 90's (as I say Musk is more of a 90's democrat), the main stream democratic party would have never said people should have to wear masks or get vaccines for something that kills less than 1% of the people that have symptoms in the first place, let alone those that don't exibit any symptoms and therefore don't get tested. The right hasn't moved further right, nor has the middle moved further right, but the left has gone waaaay left in America in a ridiculously short time. And not just on Covid. 

Do you have any way to back up this claim that in the face of a woldwide generation defining pandemic that kills 10 times what we usually see from something like the more endemic flu would have been met by complete apathy (honestly they wouldn't have even said people should wear masks?) by the democrat party 5 years ago? 

I should hope the answer to your questioning comes. See above my comment, pretty much in the same sense.