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Dulfite said:
farlaff said:

His recent support of the ridiculous action by the truckers in Canada makes feel the same way about him. In the past, I thought he was more in a kind of a middle ground, but not anymore.

5-10 years ago, and certainly in the 90's (as I say Musk is more of a 90's democrat), the main stream democratic party would have never said people should have to wear masks or get vaccines for something that kills less than 1% of the people that have symptoms in the first place, let alone those that don't exibit any symptoms and therefore don't get tested. The right hasn't moved further right, nor has the middle moved further right, but the left has gone waaaay left in America in a ridiculously short time. And not just on Covid. 

I can see you are against mask mandates from your post, so I take the 6.2 MILLION people that died from Covid are like, what, a simple nuisance? But, really? I could have listened to that argument about two years ago and payed attention to it, but science has proved time and again that masks were and are not only effective against spreading the disease, but also a not invasive way to help people get back into society. Every single one that has half a brain cell and can read knows that by now, so I would say that it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with a party moving to the left, doesn't matter to what degree. 

Also, what is the actual problem with these people and the mask hatred? I got an infection from an injury on my face from using masks too much some 2 months ago and I would do it again in a heartbeat if that meant I would protect myself AND a fellow human by doing so. And I am not even going to stress myself about the vaccine part.

Finally, do you really think that "the right hasn't moved further right"? For real??? Can you actually compare Reagan, the Bushes, McCain, in the US, or Gorbachev, in Russia, proper representatives of the classical right-wing, to fascist/bigot/nazis such as Trump and Putin? AND say the right has not moved further to the right? Oh my goodness! (Well, I was told in my childhood that being able to read such things is better than being blind.)