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shikamaru317 said:
BradleyJ said:

Looking at only three day openings:


I'm honestly shocked that Pokemon The First Movie didn't do better than that even after inflation adjusting. I remember the night I went to see it at the biggest theater in my area, a 14 room theater, they had the movie playing in like 5 rooms at once, and the line to see it was halfway out into the parking lot and took like 30 minutes to get through. I only ever saw a line that big one other time at that particular theater, and it was Star Wars The Phantom Menace that same year, 1999. 

It's not higher because it opened on a Wednesday and earned nearly $20M before the weekend, which brought in another $31M. I believe the above is only based on opening weekends. If it had opened on a Friday I think it would at least be in the running for the number one video game opening adjusted for inflation.

Last edited by BradleyJ - on 13 April 2022