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You're a better man than I. I beat the original on PS3 before it ever even had Trophy Support and it was a good time. A beautiful looking game but I could never complete it a second time.

I got the Naughty Dog collection and I've been trying to replay it ever since. It might even be in my sig right now. I wanna finish the entire trilogy but getting through Drake's Fortune has taken me YEARS! 😂 Losing all of my save data last year probably didn't help...

In order based on how I remember the experience, I'd say

1. Uncharted 2:  10/10 great game all around.

2. Uncharted 4: 9/10 beautiful game. Didn't really like the brother character. Not enough action.

3. Uncharted 3: 8/10 Didn't really gel together as a story but it was still fun 

4. Uncharted Lost Legacy: 8/10 Tried something different. I appreciate that. The last chapter was a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE!

5. Uncharted 1: 7/10 The one that started it all. A fine foundation.

6: Uncharted Whatever the Vita game was: 7/10 a surprisingly good yet forgettable game.

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