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Was I happy about Twitter and Facebook censoring conservatives? No.

Did I pretty much quit using those services? Yep.

Did I support calls for them to be investigated and regulated? No. They are companies that owe their allegiance to their shareholders, and if the shareholders leave those same leaders in place, then the majority of the shares must support censorship of conservatives, and that's their choice.

Now that Elon Musk is a major shareholder, and potentially about to be a majority share owner...

Am I happy Twitter will be censoring less conservative voices and being more neutral? Yes.

Will I use Twitter if it becomes less censoring of ideas the far left hates? Probably not.

Do I think liberals freaking out over Musk are being ridiculous? Absolutely. He is a moderate. He isn't going to take over Twitter and shut down liberal ideas, he just is going to push for everyone's voices to be heard and not just ones supported by the far left. The vast majority of conservatives are not Alt Right, just like the vast majority of liberals aren't Antifa, Musk just wants people to be treated fairly and ideas to be treated fairly.