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I am a fan. Been playing them since ps1. I got friends of mineral Town on switch and its pretty a remake of the ps1 game.
This game is very slow moving.. Everything takes time and its very manual. I'm friends of mineral Town u grow crops and the aim is to make alot of money. Then u got option to raise chicken, rabbits, cows, llama, sheep and horse. U can get specialised dogs and animals.. Then u can raise fishes. Then u got events at town every month. Some of the events make your animals produce gold standard products which yield more money. U can even use products of your item and turn them. Into higher crafted items which sells for more or be used as gifts. U have towns people and each towns people have their quirks. U have the option to make them your best friend or make them your husband or wife whichever u choose.

You then have fairies who help u when u utilise your entire farm. This is a very useful for your farm as the farm land is big. Every 30 secs or 1 minute in real time, is equivalent to 10 mins in the game. Every 5pm in game time, one of the towns people comes and pick up your shipment. So in that time u have to feed and brush and get produce from your animals, plant your crops, water them or harvest them. In that time u lose stamina so u need to spend time in a hot spring to recharge it and make towns people happy. Its alot of micromanagement. Its fun cause u have to plan your day. U can't do everything at one go until u upgrade your weapons and use fairy help.

That's not all of it.. There's also fishing, building upgrades and mines. 2 mines. One only available during winter. There's 250 floors of it.. One provides minerals for weapon upgrades and one for selling and making jewellery. Mines also have lakes that holds legendary fishes. There's also lake queen that u have feed that after several days rewards u with items that benefit u in the game.

After all of that, u have to balance your finances. Cause at the end of every month u need to make profit. Each crop cost money and make certain amount of money and we crops regrow after your Harvest and some don't. Also each crop take x amount of days to grow.

Stardew is more user friendly and not as slow moving as harvest moon. Plus Stardew has some rpg elements which makes it really cool. I have Stardew and have suck 100 hours into it😂