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Conina said:

Well, the PS2 + PS3 games I rarely want to revisit are all ready to play on my PS3 Fat.
And the PS1 + PSP games I rarely want to revisit are all ready to play on my PS Vitas.
Without streaming artifacts, without the need of an online connection.

So I have no intention to upgrade to PSPP (PS+ Premium)... maybe to PS+ Extra if they add some good PS4/PS5 games I don't already have.

Can you upgrade from PS+ Essential to PS+ Extra/Premium for one or a few months and then go back to PS+ Essential?

And how will PS+ handle games which are already activated with PS+ Extra/Premium and then they are PS+ Essential games for a month? Can you claim them in that month to your "Instant Game Collection" or will that be a problem changing the licence from "playable with an PS+ Extra/Premium sub" to "playable with an PS+ Essential sub"?

Their licencing model seems to get a lot more complicated.

Dunno about PC, but on PS5 (and likely PS4) you will be able to download the PS1, 2 and PSP titles to play without streaming. PS3 is the only one where only streaming is possible. Sure you may already have all the games you want to play on midia or otherwise, same as me, and won't sign to the service, same as me, but still it is possible to play on the hardware without any streaming artifact. Now if there will be any improvement to these legacy title remains to be seem.

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