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Shiken said:
DonFerrari said:

Nope, he just stated what is know that PSNow was already available and offering what is essentially what GP do without the Day One. And well that includes download for local playing (and with the new platforms added this also include download of older titles except PS3).

If you aren't saying Sony promised, hinted or whatever Day 1 titles, what else would you expect? They changed with inclusion of all generations of games except PSVita and the trials, they have more titles than GP, so really what isn't there is day one. So you may try to rephrase yourself, but it won't really change it.

And as said by other posters, he never said anything directly about competing with GP, this is just reaching from cutting quotes and aligning as seem fit.

He was asked about a gamepass competitor, and he said, "we have news coming, but not at this date."  This suggests they were looking into a gamepass competitor.

Again, I never said anything about day 1 PS game releases.  I was referring to the fact that teasing a "gamepass competitor" while changing nothing but increasing the entry cost for PSNow (since now you NEED PSPlus) is a disappointment.  They did not necessarily need day 1 PS games to be a competitor, not sure where you get that from.  They just needed to do something to make the offer of better value, but instead changed nothing but rebrand it in name only.

You either consider PSNow was already the GP competitor and so they didn't need to create anything new to compete or that it isn't and mentioning PSNow would be irrelevant, you can't go both ways.

They added PS1, PS2, PSP and PS5 titles and the trials to PSNow on the price that combines PS+ and PSNow and have it cheaper than the combo if you don't want legacy content. How is that nothing? And both situations are cheaper than GP. So again the difference is day and date.

Shadow1980 said:

I'm still waiting for two things before I'll bite:

1) Sony to put their entire backlog of first-party & owned IPs on the service (also, getting some old third-party PS1 & PS2 titles would be nice).

2) An option to download the games rather than stream them.

In other words, if it's as close to a 1:1 equivalent to Game Pass as possible, I'd definitely consider it. Not only are there a lot of old Sony games that are hard to get anymore and that'd I'd love to play on my PS5, but honestly I don't like the idea of game streaming. That's why I never bothered with PS Now. If something happens to the connection at any point, it can hurt the quality of the experience and could even abruptly end your session, which is a bigger deal to me compared to streaming video as gaming is interactive while TV & movies are passive. My internet is pretty good, but that doesn't mean shit don't happen on occasion with trying to use streaming services, either on my end or the service's end. That's not really an issue with a download as you have a local copy dependent only on your hardware working (unless it's an online title, but I only play single-player).

1) The addition of more titles will be on going (and from what we know it already have more than MS offering, and they will add PS1, PS2 and PSP titles including third party, but no list given yet).

2) you already have the option to download on PS4 and PS5, this have been a thing forever (except for PS3 titles), and the inclusion of PS1,2,PSP will also allow download. Unless you want to play on PC.

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