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DonFerrari said:
Shiken said:

Your denial at his tease is really not suprising TBH.  To be asked about gamepass and say, "we have news, just not today" and not to associate the response as a hint to a gamepass competitor is a new level of willful ignorance.

Your denial is stranger though. Sony was very clear on saying day one isn't feasible for them.

I never said Sony promised day 1 releases, so you lost me there lol.  Jim Ryan teased a gamepass competitor back in 2020, and that was in regards to Bandorr's question of why the media hyped it up.  It all links back to Jim Ryan and his tease.

As for why I am disappointed, it is because nothing has really changed.  PSNow failed to deliver for me (gave it more than one chance), so to find out there big answer to gamepass that Jim teased was to just combine PS+ and PSNow with nothing new really added, and at the same price point that both cost in the first was a huge letdown.  I did not expect day 1 releases, but I did expect some kind of positive change that was more than just lumping them together.  It wasn't good enough then, and nothing has changed except now you are required to get PS+ even if all you want is PSNow.

So there is no denial to speak of on my part...only disappointment.  It is almost as if this is a PR ploy to get rid of Gamepass vs PSNow and replace it with Gamepass vs PS Plus.  When Sony boasts about how many PS Plus subs they have, will they specify how many per tier?  Or just lump them all together to appease shareholders?

Last edited by Shiken - on 29 March 2022

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