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Shadow1980 said:
RetroGamer94 said:

I rented an entire theatre last week so I could finally see it lmao. I refuse to rent a digital home movies as the quality is always shit and the 4K blu ray is taking forever to get released. This movie was amazing, I loved everything about it! So happy to see it do so well.

It comes out on Blu-ray in two weeks. I'm gonna try to get to Best Buy as early as possible to get a steelbook copy.

BTW, how much does it cost to rent an entire theater to see a movie?

I have pre ordered on Amazon, but it doesn’t come with the steel book. It wasn’t that bad, it was $450 Canadian, I had 5 people with me, we all got popcorn and a drink included, we all have immune disorders so we’ve been only with each other for the last 2 years.