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Wrong time to ask, at this point it deserves 0 sales.

Bait and switch, unfinished unimaginative campaign, no content after the menu books, terrible AI, online somehow way worse than GT Sport.

I play it to make my own endurance races, day/night and dynamic weather are the saving grace. Yet everything else is annoying to downright bad. The UI, the grind, the roulette tickets, the catch the rabbit races. It's the worst GT game yet.

But racing at night (custom race) in torrential rain is heart pounding good. Too bad the AI is so dumb and cheats to get ahead

First they crawl on the wrong tires, then they pit and somehow make up 1 minute 25 seconds and are on my ass again at the end of the lap, then race by. Magic tires to go with magic boost! (rain at full strength at 4 minutes)