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LurkerJ said:
Ryuu96 said:

Okay, West are hypocrites, as I've already said in this thread and as you'd be well aware if you actually paid attention, most of my annoyance is towards people trying to blame NATO, now back to the issue at hand and the topic of this thread, Ukraine.

Good on you for acknowledging, one step away from immaturity. The next step is to acknowledge that you're a hypocrite as well for caring a lot more up about this invasion than western backed monstrosities, and that the only reason you are this fired up for Ukraine because the media lit a match under your bum rather than your innate goodness.

Fucking puppets. 

Lets just call this BS.  You do not get to decide what one person cares about just because you throw some virtue BS in the thread.  I highly doubt you are really as concerned about other conflicts as much as you project but instead want to get that old superior feeling going calling out hypocrisy when I doubt you check your own.  If this is a conflict that stirs Ryuu then so be it.

Anyone who has payed any attention to the world understand how all nations work in their best interest or in some respect personal interest.  Even your comment is a self gratifying attempt to prop up yourself then anything else.  "Oh I see the world for what it is" PLEASE.  Go somewhere with that crap.  You do not know anyone on this thread anymore than the next guy down the street.  Stop acting like you actually know someone and what stirs them to any event.  Maybe if you are looking for hypocrisy you best to look first within.

Last edited by Machiavellian - on 13 March 2022