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My issue is that their are too many that base a games quality off another persons opinion. This is quite a large group of people. I have enjoyed more games in 70s and 80s than a game rated in the 90s or won many pretend trophy awards.

Nothing wrong with listening to a reviewer, however a reviewer should never be treated as gospel but more like guidelines. If a reviewer hates a game yet the game interests that person, than they should not just boycott the game based on what the reviewer says. The individual should still try out the game for themselves, or at least either wait for a sale or try out a demo or trail the game in some way shape or form. Everyone has different tastes in what they like, instead what we see is sheep following other sheep. Their are even fanboys who praise games based on awards won or metacritic scores given yet haven't even played the game for themselves to see if they even like the game.

Its like the old saying, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 11 March 2022