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Qwark said:
Kai_Mao said:

This is the most surprising and most disappointing for me. It’s pretty crazy how much software sales have declined from PS4 to PS5. I do wonder if people are buying some of these games on PS4 for a cheaper price just to get a free upgrade on PS5? But even then, most of the PS4 games in recent years haven’t been setting Japan on fire either.

I mean, for example, seeing Demon Slayers sell that much on PS5 is disappointing. Even if you added the PS4 sales, considering it’s one of, if not the, most popular manga/anime in the world right now, you’d think it would do pretty well in Japan. But now we see it for what it is and now there’s a Switch version coming. I don’t foresee the Switch version doing gangbusters almost a year later, but it could’ve done better being released alongside the PS4/5 versions. But it is what it is.

I guess with some of these games reaching 100k LT sales in Japan, they consider it somewhat of a success. But then you compare to titles like Momotaro reaching new sales records, DQXIS still having legs on Switch, some of the new Warriors games selling well on Switch, etc., you wonder how most mid- and smaller developers in Japan can consider PS4/5 only titles anymore. Even big developers have to rely on the West to get most of their numbers.

Luckily for them the West is much bigger and is receiving Japanese games very well. Even niche series as atelier, tales of arise, persona (well until 5 it was niche) are selling great mostly because of sales in the west and are healthy because of that and break actual records for their series.

Also just because a studio is Japanese doesn't mean they have to make Japanese games. From Software didn't and they are one of the biggest Japanese Devs. Square and Capcom also internationalised their series and worldwide it doesn't make sense to really skip Playstation, Xbox and PC.

I know, that’s why I said in the end, the West is making it up for this sales in Japan. But I also think it doesn’t make sense to skip Switch either, at least for developers who don’t make those AAA type games. Isn’t that why Atelier and Disgaea are on Switch after years of never being on a Nintendo console? Plus, it’s not like Switch’s LT hardware sales are 70-90% from Japan, it’s selling really well worldwide along with its software.

anyway, sorry if I ragged the thread down since it’s primarily about PS5 software in Japan. Just giving my two cents regarding its place in Japan, especially since the top 20 software haven’t reached a million yet at this point.