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And some still try to tell us it's Ukraine's own fault, ask if they couldn't do more to prevent it, that the West is to blame and so on... man, why would anyone be such a inhuman person if it's not Putin or some of his close friends who could profit from this war if Russia succeeds?

This whole blaming of the defenders is just so unbelievable stupid. Going as far as to tell us that Ukraine was aligning their weapons in Russia's direction and threatening Russia. Like, yes, you obviously have your weapons directed at your foe and not your allies but that doesn't mean that you will use them nor that you have to be annihilated. Otherwise half the planet would have attacked Russia already because Russia does obviously the same.

But Russia is the country really killing people now in an invasion. Not the Ukraine, not the EU or whatever.

So please just shut up if you really are that crazy to defend Russia's plan even if you aren't saying it directly.