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Kakadu18 said:

DQ XI S and Octopath Traveler are definitely good ideas, they're great.
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and YS IX: Monstrum Nox are both fantastic Action-JRPGs.
Monster Hunter Rise is a straightforward action game and a ton of fun. There you can also forge new weapons and armor and improve them too.
If you're into platformers Super Mario Odyssey is the best choice of course.
The Xenoblade Chronicles games are great JRPGs with great stories but you might not like the combat, it shouldn't be a deal breaker though.
Astral Chain is something I'd like to recommend too, the action combat is fantastic, fun and challenging and it offers alot of puzzle solving with great visuals too.
Shin Megami Tensei V is also a fun and challenging JRPG.

And no Persona 5 is sadly not on the Switch.

thanks a lot! for what i've been reading in the post looks like dq XIS and monster hunter rise would really match my expectations!

drbunnig said:

Okami HD is amazing. You might have already played that elsewhere though.

thank you! i'm gonna check since i've seen some images of the game but never played!

Mnementh said:

I second recommendations for Dragon Quest XI, Okami HD, the Ys games, Octopath Traveler, Shin Megami Tensei and Monster Hunter Rise.

I would add, that I lost many a hour to Dragon Quest Builders and especially DQ Builders II. I can recommend this game, even if it is something different. You can start with the second game, it is overall the better one.

If you want to give indies a chance: A short Hike is a great game.

thank you for the recommendations, yes it looks like dqxi and monster hunter are good options!

Wman1996 said:

Xenoblade Chronicles. I would recommend the original game first then 2 plus its Torna expansion.
Stardew Valley. It's more sim than an RPG, but there are still a lot of RPG elements. It's similar to Story of Seasons.
Super Mario Odyssey is just about the best platformer of all-time.

is the first game available for switch as well? thank you

Slownenberg said:

Hit up Mario + Rabbids. Such a good game. Great for that turn-based type of gameplay you seem to love.
Starts a little slow just cuz first world is super easy, but difficulty ramps up in world 2, so by world 3 and 4 it's perfect.

It's probably the Switch game I was most surprised about. I got it just cuz the animation looked cool in videos and it was on sale and then it turned out to be a really great game. Plus then once you play it that'll set you up for the sequel coming out presumably late this year.

Beyond turn based games:
- You've got Super Mario Odyssey which is excellent, large levels, fun to explore, great platforming, great new mechanics added to the Mario franchise, and a nice long game.
- Dead Cells if you haven't played it elsewhere is ridiculously good and you're always collecting weapons and upgrades and getting better with each playthrough.
- Metroid Dread is just incredible and is a fun game to keep playing through getting better each time trying to improve speed runs (which I'm not even into but Dread was so good I found I couldn't resist playing through it multiple times to improve my runs).

thank you!!

zippy said:

I will throw ARMS in there, it's a top notch fighter with surprisingly a lot of depth. The cat and mouse approach makes battles tense and strategic.

is it? thought it was more like a tekken game which i actually enjoyed tho

Mar1217 said:

If you're interested in Strategy-RPGs as well. I think it would be fair to give a look at Fire Emblem Three Houses or the soon upcoming Triangle Strategy which is prepping up to be a good release ^^

I tried fire emblem on switch, had the 3ds one and really enjoyed it, this one i didnt play for long maybe it was a bad timing a lot of work and also studying but ill get it another chance, thank you!!