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Hit up Mario + Rabbids. Such a good game. Great for that turn-based type of gameplay you seem to love.
Starts a little slow just cuz first world is super easy, but difficulty ramps up in world 2, so by world 3 and 4 it's perfect.

It's probably the Switch game I was most surprised about. I got it just cuz the animation looked cool in videos and it was on sale and then it turned out to be a really great game. Plus then once you play it that'll set you up for the sequel coming out presumably late this year.

Beyond turn based games:
- You've got Super Mario Odyssey which is excellent, large levels, fun to explore, great platforming, great new mechanics added to the Mario franchise, and a nice long game.
- Dead Cells if you haven't played it elsewhere is ridiculously good and you're always collecting weapons and upgrades and getting better with each playthrough.
- Metroid Dread is just incredible and is a fun game to keep playing through getting better each time trying to improve speed runs (which I'm not even into but Dread was so good I found I couldn't resist playing through it multiple times to improve my runs).