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hello, just finnished pokemon arceus after like 50 hours and I actually enjoyed it a lot but after catching arceus i feel like theres nothing left for me in the game

I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation since im pretty motivated to play again on switch after like 1, 2 years not playing anything.

i own breath of the wild and even if i find it amazing visually and im sure its great i dont feel motivated to play it.

just to let you know games i enjoyed a lot in my life are mostly japanese and rpg, mostly liked final fantasy games, final fantasy tactics advance and ff4 are my favourite, actually enjoyed bravely default a lot as well. I like collecting weapons and improving, also like open world games, liked a lot ratchet and clank games too. Tired fire emblem but was not my thing.

Thats why I thought dragon quest XI or octopath traveler, maybe a monster hunter or even a persona game (i think the persona 5 is not available for switch tho) could be good but have no idea,

if you have any recommendations or need to know anything else I would really appreciate it!