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Sogreblute said:
Trentonater said:

It's a newer system with it's own extensive game library. Games made for the gameboy color were marketed as gameboy color games and not general gameboy games.

Same as the DSi and New 3DS, but those aren't successors. They're revisions of the same system.

Also a lot of games marked as "Gameboy Color" on the box do work on the Gameboy. Pokemon Gold and Silver are just 2 examples. If the game card is the same as a Gameboy card then it will work in the Gameboy. The ones that specifically are marked "Gameboy Color" on the game card cannot work on the Gameboy.

Except the branding for new 3ds only applied to the very small number of exclusives. The gameboy color had it's own extensive ecosystem but with backwords compatibility which was standard. Is the Xbox series a mid-gen refresh? I doubt you would say so. Games that have gotten zero enhancements for the xbox series OR xbox one X have new physical releases list xbox series as ones of the supported consoles on the box such as tekken 7. Tekken 7 is very much only an Xbox one game. Is it all one console because that's what microsoft says? Tnere is no universal standard and manufacturers can say whatever they want. Sony can say all of their backwards compatible platforms are one console.