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Chrkeller said:
Dulfite said:

The problem is the UN is a joke because the security council has nation(s) on it that will never do the right thing. It was a joke to begin with and is a joke now. So the UN won't send in a peacekeeping force, not that it would do by good even if they did as the Rwanda situation taught us.

And Ukraine isn't in NATO because of at least one country objecting, so they can't help either.

So we either wait on the sidelines until Russia likely takes over and proceeds to invade the other nations that joined NATO since 1997 and China sees our hesitation and invades Taiwan or we do something about it right now.

Either way, the world will blame the USA as usual. We either do too much or too little.

I wish we could go back to an isolationist way, but so many countries don't spend enough money on their defense due to expecting us to deal with their problems. If we sit this out it won't be long before China swallows up most of Asia, Russia does the same to Europe, and Iran and the other Muslim extremist countries try unsuccessfully to wipe out Israel.

Agreed on all points.  UN needs to be a real entity.  Until UN starts functioning properly the world is going to be rough.

It never will, that's what happens when you include countries with governments that are terrible. We should just have NATO, change the name to be more world-including, and invite all other allied nations, no matter how big or small, into it, as long as there is no objections. Strengthen NATO and if someone new wants to join they will have to prove themselves through governmental reform if needed before joining. We should stop funding the UN entirely and let NATO carry out humanitarian missions for nations that join. Eventually most nations will be in NATO except for the ones that do terrible things to their own people and those around them, the modern Axis of Evil, like Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, etc. They are left out until they reform and if they attack any NATO nations they get a whole lot more than pathetic sanctions to shut them up.

For the record, I hate war and loss of life.