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Jumpin said:

I can't help but to think the Olympics would have been a MUCH more interesting affair had they been held here. I'm guessing Russia would have taken gold, home turf advantage and all :)

In all seriousness. Corporate imperialism has been a growing problem since the depression era. Capitalism is evolving into something different. I mean, it still involves capitalists, but it functions more like Mercantilism now. We also have digital empires in the form of platforms - and I don't see how these can effectively be broken up with how politics and economics currently work. There are systems that can work, since ownership of unbreakable corporate entities can still be broken down by its shares.

More and more we're going to see the Olympics become a way for authoritarian regimes flex their jingoist muscles on the world stage a la Berlin 1936 and Beijing 2022. The only two cities that put in serious bids for 2022 were Beijing and Almaty. Istanbul is an apparent front-runner for 2036. At best, the Olympics have pretty much been a series of expensive boondoggles and mass displacement that leaves the host cities in worse shape than when they started, and Western cities are accordingly less interested in hosting. If they want to keep the Olympics alive, they should really consider making Athens the permanent home of the Olympics and asking the other countries to contribute to the upkeep. 

Corporate imperialism/mercantilism has been a problem since the British East India Company, and never really stopped being a problem. The US still intervenes in other countries on behalf of corporate interests, and China wields an awful lot of power in Africa in exchange for their resources.