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Shadow1980 said:

In conservatism, hypocrisy isn't a bug. It's a feature. The contradictions have to exist or otherwise the entire philosophy falls apart. But they don't even see it as hypocrisy. It apparently doesn't even occur to them that they're being hypocritical. From their point of view, the contradictions simply do not exist. What their actions and stances are always consistent with is the "rules exist to control the out-group and protect the in-group" mindset. It all makes sense once you realize that alone was the real principle, and never lofty notions like "law and order" or "big government is bad." It's why they fight tooth and nail against any and all rules that might regulate their behavior but think nothing of regulating behaviors that offend them. It's why they fight for some imagined right to intimidate, harass, and discriminate against people they don't like and then try to act like the victim when they're called out on their bullshit. At the end of the day, the only thing conservatives are trying to conserve is what they believe is their rightful place at the top of some imagined social hierarchy, where they and they alone are free to do what they wish and anyone deemed part of an out-group exists to be controlled by and subservient to them. "Liberty and justice for my tribe. All others need not apply."

Your spiel focuses on the law and order application of their hypocrisy, but more and more it seems to extend to being bound by facts, truth, or reality itself. It's how the majority of the party can either genuinely believe or performatively declare that Biden is not the legitimately elected president. If you haven't seen it yet, this video focuses primarily on conspiracy theorists but includes excellent commentary on reactionary and protofascistic politics in general. The ending in particular is bloody brilliant:

Last edited by TallSilhouette - on 17 February 2022