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Whelp, there's one more fairly major update to offer here: in addition to the 12 U.S. states (11 of which were blue states) that have now moved to reduce compulsory masking requirements since the blockade of that one bridge to Detroit began last week, Joe Biden's CDC itself just announced yesterday their intention to loosen their own masking recommendations as well so as to align with hospitalization rates instead of raw case counts (a higher bar). THAT's the big one; the one that will likely result in my company finally dropping their compulsory masking policy for employees because, like many other major business corporations that operate in this country, their policy is to follow CDC guidance. In other words, Biden and the Democrats at this point have basically conceded the issue, to what will likely be my personal benefit. With this I am happy. Also Biden's State of the Union Address is scheduled for March 1st, so, you know, time was of the essence here.

In stark contrast, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has responded to these protests -- which are based in his country -- by declaring a national state of emergency that suspends many basic rights of the population and limits people's freedom of movement...! Personally, I'll take Biden's response any day of the week over this preppy hipster snowflake who has the audacity to accuse, among other people, a Jewish lesbian of color who's descended from Holocaust survivors of "standing with people who wave swastikas" because she opposes his declaration transforming of Canada into something remarkably akin to a police state, apparently failing to grasp the irony! The Canadian Prime Minister's lack because of self-awareness is galling! Frankly, it's worth watching the entire exchange I'm referencing and the aftermath because it's so telling about what the mindset is here. I'll post it below for your (anyone's) edification.

The difference, of course, is that the American Democrats face midterm elections this fall, whereas there's no new election in sight facing Canada's governing Liberal Party. No accountability, no restraint.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 17 February 2022