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Semiconductor shortages are so severe that the PS5 is now down YoY from last year, countering the usual rise you'd expect from a console entering its 2nd full year on the market.
Combined with the Xbox Series seeing big growth so far and this is the closet that Sony and Microsoft have been on a weekly basis ever since the end of the 7th generation.

As for the Nintendo Switch, while it is overall down YoY thus far, it is actually UP YoY in Europe. However, this does make sense when you think about where the Switch has room to grow. Looking at the Overall Platform totals and if you look at where the #1 console is in each region compared to the Switch, it is:

NA: >19 million (DS 57.39 > NS 38.26)
JP: NS 23.70)
ROTW: >11 million (PS2: 25.57 > NS 14.40)

EU: 27.53)

So there's more room for growth in Europe than in Japan and the Rest of the World put together.