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I don’t think this is accurate. In fact I would argue that Sony has actually really struggled over the last 20 years to have any IPs that have break through pop culture success that their competitors have had. Virtually all non video game players can tell you who Mario is, who Zelda and Link are, who Pikachu is. Hell, I would imagine a good portion of them know who Master Chief is, at least vaguely as the “halo guy” if nothing else.

Lara Croft had that breakthrough success, where even non game players know who she is. I don’t think that has yet happened for a PlayStation IP in the last 15 years. That does not speak at all to the quality of the games they output, just that for whatever reason they have struggled to break out of the PlayStation ecosystem. I know a number of guys that are life long PC gamers that I would consider relatively “plugged in” to games culture that couldn’t tell you who Aloy is.

I think Sony is aware of this which is why they are trying to break so many of their IP out of the PlayStation console culture bubble