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Jaicee said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

OP I think you now understand what can happen when you try to make a click bait thread like this 

Anyway congrats to developers of both Lara and Alloy,  Lara is such an iconic character now and her games still selling strong almost 25 years after the first one launched in a time when the absolute majority of main characters used to be male. And congrats Alloy for such mind-blowing sales for a debut IP, I hope Forbidden West sells even more because it's a great franchise 

Yeah, the title was a mistake too. Shouldn't have framed it as a contest. I chose the title as an attention-getter so people would actually read the thread.

Anyway, fret not because it will definitely never happen again. This is the last thread I'll be starting for a while.

EDIT: Oh good Lord I just thought of something: I posted something similar to the OP as a comment over on the the Horizon sales article on the main page earlier this morning. I better go delete it right now!

EDIT 2: Oh good, the article is gone from the main page anyway. Thank you whoever removed it!

I'm gonna go find that article and downvote your comment hurr durr. Jk, it's not a big deal. Always great to see new IPs succeed.

Last edited by Kakadu18 - on 15 February 2022