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Conina said:
VAMatt said:

I started this generation with a Series X, and plan to pick up a PS5 at some point. I do not think that will happen until at least next year. I simply can't justify the purchase at this time, as I already have a current gen system, and I don't have enough gaming time to make good use of both the series X and a PS5 at this point. 

Why not sell the PS4 Pro? You get good prices for it.

I sold mine for €300 a few weeks ago.. the over five year old launch model with only 1 DualShock4.
The upgrade from PS4 Pro to PS5 (Disc model) costed me less than €200 and included a much better controller and a fresh warranty.

Horizon: Forbidden West and many of your PS4 games will profit from the performance upgrade... 60 fps instead of 30 fps is a game changer!

I doubt that you save money by waiting another year for buying the PS5. Prices for used PS4 Pros will plummet until then, but the PS5 probably won't get a price cut until then.

Yeah, but I'll still have to work to get my hands on the PS5.  I just don't have the desire to deal with that right now.  

You do raise a good point about selling the PS4 Pro now though.  I could do that, just go without any PS system until I happen across a PS5.