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BasilZero said:

Since no one else is gonna ask cause they are afraid.

Are you in support or against the Freedom Convoy? Cant tell if your post was a parody or were actually serious (and not familiar with you as a user).

Guess I can be intimidating. Didn't mean to be!

I am definitely in favor of the Convoy though. That is no joke. Sorry if that wasn't obvious, I'm just a visceral writer a lot of the time and fatigued by this crap and my worldview doesn't align neatly with the ideological poles I guess people are used to seeing dominate online political discussions. The OP was probably my most "right wing" screed ever, hence my choice of title.

I mean to me it just really, really seems like the age of Covid restrictions was never going to end without something like this happening, and it seems to be rapidly drawing to a close now here in the neighboring United States as a clear result. Incidentally, since I authored the OP all of yesterday, we can now add Nevada as well to the long list of U.S. states that have announced plans to phase out at least some, if not all, of their masking requirements just this week. ...Well anyway, I'm just glad that there's finally an end in sight and I think the Freedom Convoy will go down in history as the event that brought the age of Covid restrictions to a close in this country, if not in its native Canada as well.

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