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I'm going to add my own commentary so I don't misrepresent the words of the speakers and make them sound stupid or wrong. Everything he says is true. Those will be printed in bold, and all mine in regular font.

1. No dinosaurs were carnivores, the teeth were fabrications. Only 20% of a a skeleton has ever been found.

My comment: This is true. We've only found one fossilized skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A 5 headed, 5 tailed, and 5 bodied giant lizard, except with only 1 head, 1 tail, and 1 body - 20% of the full beast. Also, it was an extremely effeminate T-Rex, so its body resembled that of birds, rather than the big lizard it is. We also couldn't find all four of its limbs, so we just stuck on baby arms instead.

The sharp teeth we discovered were actually to eat tough fruit, much like their closest relatives, the Mountain gorilla.

2. They brought 2 of every dinosaur onto Noah's ark, but they were babies, so they could fit them.

My comment: not a huge stretch, we only know of approximately 900 genera of dinosaur covering about 1124 species. It may sound like a lot, but we have 7.77 million species of animal alive, today, ignoring all the extinct ones. The ark could fit a lot. As you can see, millions of animals:

3. When God said people could eat meat, people got out their guns and shot the biggest ones, sometimes just for fun!

My comment: it's true humans shot all the big ones with their ancient rifles. If you saw a critically endangered dinosaur, wouldn't you shoot it for fun? The guy in the video would. So do rich hollywood elites like Spielberg.

4. To believe in dinosaurs doesn't mean it's millions of years. It's just a few thousand. Dinosaurs and evolution don't go together.

My comment: Evolution favours survival of the fittest. Dinosaurs were very fit, and yet went extinct fairly easily by hunting. So how could they ever evolve without people hunting them to extinction? It's a paradox. Some of the dinosaurs, like the T-Rex survived, but they shed their legs for flippers and went back into the oceans so that humans could own the land. T-Rexes (pictured on the left) became Orcas (pictured on the right). Do these animals look like apex predators to you? They ate kelp.

Don't be brainwashed by science or the left-wing media. Otherwise you might think the above video is somewhere between stupid and insane.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.