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Pemalite said:
scrapking said:

Currently I'm sitting in the upper birth of a loft-bed, with a game console mounted across the room and *behind* the TV.  You'd better believe digital is a hell of a lot more than convenient for me in this moment!  :D

But it's also the convenience of not having to figure out where to put the boxes, not having to dust them, not having to alphabetize them, not opening up a case to find the wrong game inside, not opening up a case to find NO game inside, not having to move them with me if I move house, not having the cost of buying shelving, not having to buy bigger and bigger places to accommodate an ever-growing collection, etc.

I ran out of space in my old house.
So I built a new house.

This is by no-means my entire video game collection either, there is another room dedicated to everything Pre-6th gen.. And I have Playstation 3/4/5 in the walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom.

I find a certain kind of "joy" in having all my games categorized, sorted and all in one place.

My PC is pretty much entirely digital though... Last game I bought physical was probably StarCraft 2.
My Series S console only has digital copies (Obviously) of every Halo game... My Xbox One X and Xbox Series X I try and stick to physical.

That is a beautiful sight to behold, seriously lol. I wish I had that sort of organization skills. My stuff (unless it's the console getting played), stays in plastic tubs.