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d21lewis said:
JackHandy said:

I keep seeing this word convenience being thrown around but it's like, how inconvenient is physical anyway? I mean, if two people are in a room on a couch, and there are two Switches docked under the TV... how much faster is the digital owner going to be able to get into their game than the physical owner? A minute? Thirty seconds? Because surely, it takes no more than that to pop in a game and sit back down.

I started going digital with the PSP. Those UMD games were so fragile and bulky. You couldn't carry more than a handful anywhere. It was so convenient, even the games I owned physically were replaced with digital versions (went back to physical with the Vita, though. Memory cards were too expensive).

Then I started dabbling with it on home consoles with the Xbox One. I could literally download the digital version on several different consoles and play in any room. Even my save data would be there. And on top of all that, me and a friend could play the same game at the same time (together, even!) on two consoles with a single purchase.

I remember having tons of discs on the floor at any given time, back when I was physical. Sometimes, the disc would be in the wrong case. With the Xbox One, I would just say "Xbox, open Tomb Raider" and I was playing. Too convenient!

Now, I'm disgusted with discs. 

I’m glad I’m not the only one that buys games multiple times/ways for no or even ridiculous reasons.