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JackHandy said:
PSwii60 said:

Breath of the Wild. Tangibility is still pleasing to me including the smell of booklets and all… but it’s hard to beat convenience.

I keep seeing this word convenience being thrown around but it's like, how inconvenient is physical anyway? I mean, if two people are in a room on a couch, and there are two Switches docked under the TV... how much faster is the digital owner going to be able to get into their game than the physical owner? A minute? Thirty seconds? Because surely, it takes no more than that to pop in a game and sit back down.

Sure, that’s one instance but even with that logic it’s thirty seconds that I never had to spend obtaining or searching for that game.

It could also mean traveling and only worrying about the console and not the dozens of cartridges I would have been carrying with me.

It could also mean less risks of losing cartridges by me or by my kids.

It could also mean I’m a lazy person.

Convenience is subjective and digital works for me now.

Time and age forced me to realize those thirty seconds matter now to me than ever before.