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Bristow9091 said:
VAMatt said:

+1  This couldn't be a more obvious joke. If people are reporting it, they need to......I dunno, chill or something.  

Looking at it from their perspective it would definitely seem like a salt in the wound situation. People are upset about losing games etc. and then they come across a "joke thread" referring to them as salty fans (Which in itself is a bannable offence, but I gave Dulfite the option to change it). Surely you understand how that could upset people, right? All I'm doing is enforcing forum rules, and he's changed the poll now even if it's not ideal.

You are always, on any site, going to have people that get unreasonably offended about things. It is a small minority. But this site does a little too much moderation, in my opinion, and that risks losing a LOT more viewers/clicks/forum members that you'd lose by offending a few people out of the site here and there. If we were like 4/8Chan with all their horrible posts, that would be one thing, but this site is hardly a place of hatred, so rooting out every little thing because a few people got bothered isn't really worth it. If you were to ban me, as you say what I did was banable, then that's one less cow this site has to milk for clicks/views as I make a decent amount of threads that get a lot of replies. I'm not trying to be arrogant, there are many others that posts threads often as well, but any milk cow you kill obviously stops producing milk. You may not care about it as a moderator, but your bosses do, the writers do. Have a little empathy for those people needing those paychecks for their hard earned money from writing before you threaten cows over the complaints of a few people that were no doubt already triggered to begin with. Ease up, enjoy the more amusing things, and if you REALLY think something needs to be addressed, then message me first rather than posting your clear anger in a thread the way you did.