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Dulfite said:
Paatar said:

As much as I know people love game pass—I’m worried about the inevitable. It only takes one subscription to start up tons more. Netflix was one of the first to do so, now look at how many streaming services there are for television. It’s becoming ridiculous, and the same thing will happen with game streaming subscription services. Soon there will be too many to where it gets overwhelming when the competition starts to see the revenue benefits. I think that’s just an ugly future.

My in laws subscribe to Netflix and share with us, we subscribe to the Disney/Hulu and share with family, which allows my brother/sister in law to subscribe to HBO Max to share with whoever. Prime we all have because we recoup that money easily with free shipping and other features like Audible.

We also subscribed to Peacock recently. We are all, collectively, saving a fortune in not all having individual television packages, have way less commercials to watch, and can watch content whenever we want.

If Nintendo, Sony, and others each want to make a Gamepass, it will improve the experience for the vast majority of gamers.

Subscription is the future. Owning a game that most of us never touch again just so we can call it "ours" is the past.

you have family that’s willing to do that, not everyone does. It’s great that it works for you, but to say it’ll improve the experience for the vast majority isn’t really realistic. The number of services keeps increasing, and eventually the amount of subscriptions for shows will reach a cap and several will be shut down. The same thing would inevitably happen to games.

DVD and Blu-ray exist alongside all these streaming services. To say physical media is the past is just ignorant. Physical media in games will always exist. Even look at music, CD’s and Vinyl’s have been making a comeback the last few years. 

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