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Mar1217 said:
Dulfite said:

That growth had come primarily from older titles being added. Almost none of the studios they have purchased have produced new exclusives since being bought. By 2025 these studios will be pumping out Xbox exclusives left and right. That 25m is impressive considering it's got to that almost entirely based on legacy content. Imagine what it will do with nonstop new exclusives coming in!

Maybe for early adopters, but nowdays the service pulls in more new and actual 3rd party and 1st party content for people to play with which is why the service actually grew into what it is now.

Old-Gen games and legacy content can only get you so far.

I agree old content can only get so far. There have been a decent amount of revolving third party games coming and going, and a ton of first party legacy games, but not very many first party brand new games. That will change drastically in the coming months and years.