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SvennoJ said:

I anticipate a shift to mobile gaming. CoD mobile is raking in the dough, Diablo immortal is the next project for Blizzard. This acquisition will give MS (more) inroads with Tencent who helped develop CoD mobile. Plus now Candy Crush is also part of MS' portfolio.

MS will begin making more mobile spin offs of their big franchises, or rather make them more suitable for mobile gaming to prop up gamepass for smart phones. That's where you print money. There are 6 billion smart phones in the world. That's the big fish.

This is an interesting point and it makes me a little confused in their mobile strategy...

It always seemed to me that Xbox's goal was Gamepass and Xcloud, "Gaas" where players pay a subscription to play their games, use of "cloud games" where you don't need "certain hardware" to play ok... Then suddenly, they embrace a completely different model "F2P" with Candy Crush, CoD mobile, Diablo immortal.

Do they want to introduce subscription to play these games, similar to apple arcade? I honestly think it's a bad idea, f2P is king on cell phones and that's not going to change! I could be very wrong, but Gamepass and Xcloud don't really have much of a chance on mobile devices, they'll probably be successful on TVs in the living room, but not on cell phones and tablets.

honestly it seems to me that they want to invest in the 2 fronts, have F2P options and "Gaas" options.

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