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First of all, I apologize for my poor English, I'm not a native speaker.

Then I continue with the main topic of this thread.

Of all the IPs on the Xbox belt, which ones do you think will flourish and prosper? Plus, which ones do you think will disappear completely, or at least become something secondary and minor?

In my opinion Fable, Hell blade, State of Decay, Avowed, Redfall, anything made by "Compulsion Games", the wolfenstein, Prey, Dishonored, perhaps even Gears of War (!?), all these, and others, are already dead, maybe 1 more game or 2, but in the end... everyone goes inside the "bag of oblivion"...

I speak respectfully but realistically... Xbox now has too many "Mega IPs"! It makes no sense to invest, and take risks, with "smaller IPs" and so a lot will die or be swept to "near irrelevance"!

I don't mean to be pessimistic, but think for a minute:
Xbox can be "super liberal", give freedom to their studios, take risks on "new IP's", invest again in "modestly successful IPs" of the past, accept financial losses as well as some modest gains or... They can start investing only on the "golden IPs", those that cost them more than $75Bi, and "invite" (read demand) their studios to work only on these extremely popular IPs, which practically print money with gigantic profits and which have a very low chance of failure...

Yup, I think the second option is more realistic, and that means a lot of franchises are going to die and a lot of studios are going to (1) be tied to an existing IP (2) just do support work. Damn, I can already see 10 (maybe more) studios of them producing only Halo, Elder Scroll and CoD, non-stop!

Having said all that, my list of top 10 Ip's that "possibly" will be dominants within the Xbox and that will likely "expand into new genres". ( when I say expand into new genres, think Diablo "souls", "God of" Warcraft, Super smash "xbox" bros., and many others... as with Nintendo's Mario, which I divided into kart, tennis, golf, paper , etc.)

1 - Call of Duty.
2 - Call of Duty. ( it's Call of duty damn, it takes 2 positions, and at least 4-5 studios pumping CoD every year!)
3 - Elder Scrolls.
4 - Warcraft.
5 - Diablo.
6 - Fallout.
7- Overwatch.
8 - Forza Horizon.
9 - Minecraft.
10 - Halo.

Do you agree with me? Do you also think that Microsoft will focus on its best IPs, which cost +$75Bi, and start printing money with these juggernauts... Or do you think that there is room to explore a little bit of everything, studios will remain free, even if does it involve taking risks and, almost certainly, making less profit?

Thank you for your attention, I hope there are civilized and fun discussions.

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