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snyps said:

I lack interest in Sony games too. Had a ps, didn’t care for it. I found no interest in ps2 aside from a few niche titles (rygar, berserk, ultimate muscle, altered beast). I didn’t need a ps3 but I bought one with a psp go out of novelty. Tried ps4 and sold it pretty quickly.

I think the company is great and they make good decisions for the fans and devs. I love their console style and software design. They are the best at all of that. I just don’t like their 1st party games or fan attitude because when Dreamcast died I became prejudice! Sorry!

No issues with you having preferences (you recognize the strenghts but it isn`t the type of thing you are after, totally valid imho), although that is a long time to hold a grudge =p

m0ney said:
Hiku said:

At what point in the game did you want a jump button and for what?

You can't be serious asking that? You are fine with the game promting you to press X to do everything for you?

Well I played on Give me GoW and I can certainly say X didn`t do everything for me, it was the hardest game I ever platined.

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