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Imaginedvl said:
Otter said:

P.S. Sony still hasn't responded to MS buying Bethesda, they secured studios they were heavily working.... I doubt we'll see some crazy aquisition from Sony's side. They'll respond to gamepass but otherwise I would just expect that steady stream of exclusives deals like FF16, Knights of the Old Republic etc

I think Sony is working on 2 things right now:

- Aquiring SquareEnix

- Their GamePass answer

SE thing is really up my hat, but I really believe it makes so much sense. 

I'm okay with that, it makes a lot of sense honestly. I just have one request. Just one. Can us Nintendo gamers still have access to any and all Dragon Quest games? Their silly, charmful, funny stories feel very fitting on Nintendo devices. You can keep everything else exclusive, just not Dragon Quest? Please and thank you.