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noshten said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

So half million sold since October, guess it did less than a third of numbers from World on its first 11 days as it crossed 10 million mark on August 20 after Capcom stated console sales to be 8.3 million:

I'm starting to agree with Kyuu, it's becoming harder to justify Nintendo exclusivity. Rise sold only ~400k more than World in Japan, in a console that had 2.5 times the PS4 userbase and with a franchise know from being very strong on handhelds. Sales in Japan are from enough to offset the huge amount of sales missing from Playstation owners, specially when PC version sales aren't looking to be as big as World was. Next entry is probably going to be cross platform, first launching on PS5 e Series S/X, months later on PC and Switch 2 even if this means anemic software sales in Japan due to lack of interest in PS5. With MH popularity already degrading in Japan I see no reason to prioritize its home market anymore

Difference is that Rise in Japan hasn't been as heavily discounted as World

Chris1964 mentioned in the M-C threads; in Japan World was discounted by a bigger amount much earlier;
Best price edition for Rise only came in December in Japan(no eShop discounts for the holiday)

If Capcom lowers the price to ¥2.990 at some point in Japan it will spur on additional physical and digital sales. In any case the game is very much guaranteed to surpass 10 million units on the Switch this year with Sunbreak releasing. 

In as far a the PC Release, I would say a lower launch was expected World had much higher budget and was the first MH on the platform. Still it's the 2nd biggest launch for Capcom on PC and Sunbreak is bound to help with long-term sales on the platform. 

This is an example of cherry picking reasons to justify a point.

Even with the price cut MH was absent on famitsu December weekly charts, so price cut was a non factor for Rise

What I'm seeing from your post is World was actually more expensive at launch, and most of sales come from launch. If anything it gave arguments to understand why World sold a bit less than Rise

What has no explanation however is how Monster Hunter Rise sold only 20% more in a console with a 250% bigger userbase (soon 300%). 

World being the first PC launch is more like a problem than an advantage, as it needed to build its own fandom from the ground. It started with a ~2 million in 2 week launch and soaring past 7 million copies since then. 

In defense of Rise, Monster Hunter has a heavy multi-player focus and the game userbase is still very active. World is perceived as the best Monster Hunter, it's bigger, has better graphics and is a complete game with expansion, it's less expensive and has a big community. Even for newcomers it's better to stick with World if you want to experiment a Monster Hunter game. Rise is more like a game for fans that already played MH series and wants a new entry, while World is suited to anyone, fans and casuals alike