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Captain_Yuri said:

I bought a playstation console almost every generation so it's certainly not my first Sony Game ever but I did buy God of War on PC so it's my first Sony game on PC after Horizon Zero Dawn came out as a shat port initially.

As an owner of PS5 who has PSPlus thus can play God of War through PS+ Collection, I am glad I am playing it on PC. The checker-board rendering that the PS5 uses due to it being on BC mode is like night and day difference when you compare it to DLSS on PC and how much better DLSS is. And of course, the increase framerate and visuals is also a nice treat. I am also playing with the Dual Sense which works perfectly on PC.

What I would like to know is when are the PC improvements coming to PS5 with these older games? Horizon Zero Dawn has been out for some time on PC and it's been over a year since PS5 launched yet afaik, the only thing Horizon Zero Dawn got was a 60fps patch. I really hope Sony doesn't plan of leaving the PC improvements exclusively on PC...

There is no PS5 version of HZD or GOW, the improvements on the PC cannot be done without there being a PS5 version.