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Dulfite said:
Shiken said:

1.  I misread his original post.  Not above admitting when I am in the wrong, so disregard this point.  I read it as "first Sony console" and it registered as a similar thread to the one Kratoslives made when he got his first MS console.  My bad.

2.  You are correct in your reading here, but my point still stands.  There are a ton of narrative driven games on PC, and one does not need the "console they were known to be on" to love that type of game.

3.  Since my point 1 was a misread on my part, this is basically the same as point 2 now.  Story driven games are available on every console, one does not need a PS to love the genre.  With more Sony games going to PC, that need is diminishing anyway.  Whether or not his love fore them is a recent development or a product of playing these other games in the past, I cannot say.

I have enjoyed narrative PC games for many years, especially the Arkham games. Gamepass gives me access to so many of those I don't have time to play them all, so any I buy on PC these days have to REALLY stand out. I almost jumped on Horizon 1 as my first Sony game, but have pushed that back due to the criticism I've read of that game. When gow came out I couldn't resist as I've wanted to play it for years. If Spiderman comes out I will instant buy that on PC.

Most of the Sony narrative games have story components I don't enjoy. I am not into Zombies (so TLOU 1/2 are thrown out), or overly violent/bloody games, or games with a higher amount of cursing, or games with nudity/sexuality. Good stories don't need any of that for me, and including those details makes it unenjoyable to me. Nintendo has the other problem, not enough story despite having the setup I like.

Arkhan games aren't overly violent/bloody?

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