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Shiken said:
DonFerrari said:

1 - Dulfite have said time and again he doesn't own any Playstation HW. He bought God of War for PC and his first Sony game ever. And yes there is toxic fanbase for each platform, and you being on playstation would likely be more used to them.

2 - Yes he say he have a PC. This is the first Sony game he bought ever, not the first console, unless I'm totally wrong on my reading.

3- Sure. But on this, the way of the phrasing seems more like he have always liked than just started liking.

PS: Guess you have to reread his OP, if you remember his other posts it will also help you get context. And I don't dislike the guy, in fact I like his posts and the fact he doesn't pretend.

1.  I misread his original post.  Not above admitting when I am in the wrong, so disregard this point.  I read it as "first Sony console" and it registered as a similar thread to the one Kratoslives made when he got his first MS console.  My bad.

2.  You are correct in your reading here, but my point still stands.  There are a ton of narrative driven games on PC, and one does not need the "console they were known to be on" to love that type of game.

3.  Since my point 1 was a misread on my part, this is basically the same as point 2 now.  Story driven games are available on every console, one does not need a PS to love the genre.  With more Sony games going to PC, that need is diminishing anyway.  Whether or not his love fore them is a recent development or a product of playing these other games in the past, I cannot say.

I don't play PC so I wouldn't know of exclusives that are strong on narrative-driven. But yes there are plenty of multiplatform (so PC included) that are indeed great, like Resident Evil and Yakuza.

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