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m0ney said:

Dad of Boy is my most hated game ever, you can't even jump in it, the inventory is a big mess, you can buy 1000 combat moves that are pointless, the story is about not Kratos, you know the god of war? but about some viking dude 

who can't feel anything until the boy stabs him with his micro pingis jajaja

Do yourself a favor and play the first 3 games.

I absolutely loved Dad of War and the originals.  The 2018 game was my GotY that year hands down, I even got the plat (which says a lot, because I really have to love a game to do that).

They are two completely different styles, but the quality is great.  He may very well enjoy the new style more than the old, so this comment seems a bit short sighted.  Not everyone has the same taste in games.  When both types are of equal quality (they are), it is down to personal preference and nothing else.

Last edited by Hiku - on 18 January 2022

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