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SvennoJ said:

@ZyroXZ2 Halo has been on PC much longer, actually started on PC until MS snatched it up to launch XBox with. My first experience with Halo was on PC. Halo 2 is the firs oen I played with controller. Aim assist is too strong in Halo Infinite, people are not asking to separate the two for nothing.

Btw in racing games it's always controller vs wheel. There it's a lot closer between top players on GT Sport. I don't know what kind of assists it uses apart from smoothing out the controller input (limiting the speed at which the wheel turns) yet one thing is universally accepted in the community, tire wear is somehow always worse on controller, yet it's much easier to drive without TCS with pedals. Maybe TCS is bad for tires, too easy to apply full throttle, let TCS sort it out, which is probably not the best for tires.

Also mechanical keyboards are back big time. Just as important for PC gaming as arcade sticks are for console gaming.

I said it's more accessible, now.  For clarity, back in the day, they released on consoles first and by the time they came to PC, there wasn't as much interest.  For reference, Halo came to PC a whopping two years later from its console release.  Halo 2 came nearly three years later to PC.  By the time the games came to PC, there was low interest.  This is coming from me, someone who played Gears of War on PC back in the day because I didn't have an Xbox.  More people are asking because they're mad than because they legitimately understand the stats, and most of those "more people" are focused on the cheaters using aimbots, though I've only run into one so far in 40 hours of MP.

And though you likely realize by now, this is more about aiming than it is the overall application of KBM and controllers.  The discussion of the two has never been centered around interactions and inputs, but more advantage/disadvantage in a PvP shooting-focused environment.

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