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I've had my PS5 for almost a year (will be a year this March) and I can say I haven't played it nearly as much as my Series S. But the games I do play on it (R&C, Miles Morales, various PS4 ones) I find it to be quite enjoyable. I know what you mean about the controller. Its battery doesn't last anywhere as long as the DS4 (or even regular AA in my xb) and I've also experienced the trigger resistance lag here and there. Astro makes the perfect pack in to experience what the controller has to offer. I fully expect the same level of detail put into all other 1st party PS5 games from now on. I def should play it more often but I am rather picky about the games. The bulk of which I play on gamepass but Horizon, God of War and GT7 are going to be taking up my time this year so I have that to look forward to.