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I have to say, all these stats really mean nothing right about now. Not sure why I would even care what Joe approval level is only one year in office. Trump first year was at 41% and he still mustered 70+ million votes. No one really even liked Joe but he got 80+ million. At the end of the day, most of these poll this early just means what it always means, if people can find someone to blame for their situation they will. Until its election season is when we will see how people actual mindsets are going, this early in the game is just noise.

Its like the last stat on handling Covid. No matter what you do, everything is either sugar or shit, nothing in between. You do nothing, they complain, you do something its not enough or its to much. Joe was never going to be the savior and if America really want Trump back in office well so be it but that day is long from now and I still doubt he will run. Only if he believe that enough people get into play that can totally seal the deal for him would he run but lets see how things shake out.