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Even if Days Gone made enough money, we don't know how the sequel was actually pitched, which is also something to consider. Besides it's not like Sony is closing the studio. They are making a new open world game and they definitely use some of the tech and experience they got while making Days Gone.

The launch was very rough, it had too many bugs and glitches and due to it releasing at the wrong time reviews also where not that great. So the game wint get a sequel and isn't totally comparable to Ghost of Tsushima. Luckily the game is getting a somewhat cult classic treatment from fans, same way as driveclub and it sold very well. So in the end it's a success. But the launch should have been way better and for that Bend can only look itself in the mirror, unfinished products shouldn't be the norm and Sony was rightfully disappointed, it's not like they didn't have the budget and in general Sony isn't one who makes a big fuzz about delaying games.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar