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The December data is in.

Ampere gained another percent point (from 10.14% to 11.15%), RDNA2 lost 0.01 percent points. Ratio now almost 22:1 !

I'm trying a new type of representation. Instead of listing the Januaries of 2015 - 2021 plus the last few months, I'm listing the last twelve months. The older data are in the new GPU-gen charts.

Since the average Steam user seems to skip whole GPU gens, I added cumulative data of two coherent gens.

Kepler + Maxwell peaked below 30% Steam share, Maxwell + Pascal held over 50% Steam share a long time, Pascal + Turing also held over 50% Steam share a long time, Turing + Ampere just reached 40%:

Almost every fourth surveyed Steam system already has raytracing support. Although I'm thinking about excluding all GPUs below the RTX 2060 Super and below 8GB VRAM. Without RTX 2060 (6 GB) and the RTX 3050 series and the RX 6600 series (so far 0%) we are at 17.3 percent.

And half of the surveyed Steam systems is now faster than the fastest 8th gen console (Xbox One X):

Intel CPUs gained 0.82 percent points in December:

Windows 11 gained 1.87 percent points, now at 10.15%.

And an interesting tidbit: 28% of the MacOS systems on Steam already has an Apple APU: